Public Schools vs. Private Schools

When you are deciding which path to take, you are going to have a lot of choice on your hands when it comes to sending your kid to a school. Moreover, each choice boils down to these two options: whether you want your kid attending one of the Public schools vs. Private schools. This debate has been raging on for quite a while, and each side has their own set of followers who are firm believers in what they chose to go with. Of course, each choice is going to have their own set of unique advantages and disadvantages, which is precisely what we are going to be discussing in this article. If you think that you may be interested in choosing one of them, be sure to consider some of the things that we are going to be covering in this article.

First, we will start out with the pros of attending a Private School. Many people seem to view attending a private school as a sort of “snobby” thing to do, and something that is only reserved for very wealthy individuals. This may have been true decades ago, but nowadays it could not be falser, and many private schools have financial aid plans that make attending them a possibility. You can also take comfort in the fact that your kid is going to get more one on one time with the professor, and classes are small, generally speaking.

Of course, there are going to be some cons that anybody who is thinking about using a Private school should take into consideration. Even though they do make financial aid available to all, it is still much, much more expensive to use a private school rather than a public one. In addition, you are going to have to provide the transportation for your kid to go to and from school, since it will not be provided by the school.

To be honest, there are many reasons why someone would choose a public school over a private one. The most obvious reason to choose a public school over a private one is the price. There are other benefits too, like building a sense of community with the fellow students and even the teachers working there. This sense of community is certainly there in private schools, but to a lesser degree. Transportation is always going to be provided to the families who are attending a public school, which is a huge advantage of private. Another reason may sports teams, which many times are not offered at a private school for one reason of another. For huge sports fans, this is usually the main reason why they would choose to go with a public school.

In the public schools vs. private schools debate, there are also going to be some cons to take into consideration. For one, you are usually going to have a larger amount of students assigned to each teacher, which will mean that students are not going to get as much one on one time with their teacher. On top of that, most classes that are offered in public schools are of an intermediate learning level, which means that if you are an above average student, you may not be catered to as well as if you were otherwise in a private school.